Rahul V Ramesh

Rahul V Ramesh

I need it, so I built it 🚀 🐼 Meet Me @ https://github.com/rahulvramesh

Using Golang with OneDrive

let me share the code directly :) package main import ( "context" "fmt" "github.com/goh-chunlin/go-onedrive/onedrive" "golang.org/x/oauth2" "io" "net/http" "os" ) func main() { ctx := context.Background() ts := oauth2.StaticTokenSource( &oauth2.Token{AccessToken: ""}, ) tc := oauth2.NewClient(ctx, ts) client := onedrive.NewClient(tc) // Get Default Drive defaultDrive, err

Javascript Function Won't Trigger When Using ParcelJS

So i been trying to build a youtube  "watch together" kind of hobby project , basically started with new project and using Web Strom IDE, they setup project with ParcelJs by default. As part of the development, i wrote some call back functions in vanilajs though started getting function undefined error.

Vagrant Multi-Host Setup

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| config.ssh.insert_key = false config.ssh.private_key_path = ["keys/.ssh/id_rsa", "~/.vagrant.d/insecure_private_key"] config.vm.provision "file", source: "keys/.ssh/id_rsa.pub", destination: "~/.ssh/authorized_keys" config.vm.define "controlpane" do |controlpane| controlpane.vm.box = "bento/ubuntu-16.04"
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